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Our goal is to match the ideal caregiver to the individual client needs. We like to have the opportunity to meet with the client, and their loved ones if appropriate, before we commence services to assess their homecare requirements and allow an opportunity for the client to express their wishes and desires. Having the benefit of a little time to choose the correct caregiver(s) from the start allows us to provide the most important aspect of homecare – Consistency of Care.

free home assessment shylo
free home assessment shylo

At Shylo we strive to meet the individual client’s needs through an initial and ongoing assessment. A Nursing Supervisor will attend the home and meet with all involved parties as we work together to organize an appropriate support system for the client. The first area of concern is medical needs and the corresponding level of support required. With your consent, we review your previous medical history as well as your current needs and desires to create a Care Plan appropriate for your individual circumstances.

Information is then gathered with respect to the client’s personal preferences in order to arrange appropriate staffing: i.e. language spoken; food preparation and cooking skills to meet specific menus and/ cultural/dietary needs; driving and vehicle availability; the required day(s) and hours of care that best suit the client. Once we have determined all these factors we can provide the right Caregiver–and continuity of care–to support the client in their time of need.

We can work with the client or their legal representative to set up any medical equipment necessary for the home. Often something as simple as a handrail in the bathtub, or a commode at the bedside, will promote the client’s independence and greatly reduce their risk of injury.

free home assessment shylo

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Margot Ware

Margot Ware Shylo Healthcare


Margot was fortunate enough to grow up in a multi-generational family with three grandparents in her family home. Her mother and grandmother were Registered Nurses and her grandfather a renown Canadian physician. Elders were respected and appreciated in Margot’s family; her parents and grandparents were all cared for, and passed peacefully, at home.

There is little doubt that this early introduction to seniors had a profound influence on Margot’s life and vocational aspirations. It was with great pride that Margot trained to be a Registered Nurse then continued her studies to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and later certified as a Gerontological Nurse.

Margot has worked with seniors since 1986, working in Long Term Care and Community Care her entire career, culminating in her purchase of The North Shore’s original Home Care agency, Shylo Home Healthcare, in 1998. Margot has won several awards over the years and been sought to join associations and boards due to her decades of leadership in the business and Senior Care field.

At Shylo we truly believe it is an honour and privilege to support you, or your loved ones.


Home Support Worker (HSW) is a Caregiver who assists people with daily personal care needs as they deal with the effects of aging, injury, surgery, or illness. A Home Support Worker works under the direction of a Shylo Home HealthCare Supervisor who does the initial assessment and develops the client’s initial Care Plan.

Home Support Workers typically have six to nine months of training at a community college or the equivalent health care education/training in another country; many foreign-trained nurses work as Home Support Workers while they are pursuing their RN or LPN licensure in Canada. Home Support Workers are by far the most popular level of Caregiver for senior and elderly care; they provide basic home support services such as Housekeeping and Meal Preparation, but they also have the training to deliver more skilled care such as Personal Care and Medication Management if the client’s needs progress or change.

Caregivers are not currently regulated in Canada, but British Columbia introduced the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry in April 2010. Caregivers are also sometimes referred to as “Resident Care Attendants”, “Nurse’s Aides”, or “Community Support Workers”.

free home assessment shylo
free home assessment shylo

If you would like a skilled Caregiver to accompany you to your medical appointments or would just like the convenience of a Companion to escort you on your errands, Shylo can come pick you up, accompany you on your appointments or errands and then return you home. We are happy to be there for you!

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