Special Care

Dementia Care, Alzheimers’ Care, and other Special Needs


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Special Care

Dementia Care, Alzheimers’ Care. And Other Special Needs

We know how hard it can be on a family when a loved one is suffering mental health issues. Life does not stop. You still have a full-time job, kids that need you, and a loved one who cannot manage safely on their own. Let us help!

As registered nurses we are trained to handle special care cases like dementia and Alzheimer’s’ disease. We know what to look for and how particularly to handle each delicate situation. We can help the family understand what is happening to your loved one, and as things move and progress, we can keep you up to date so your loved one is getting the very best care.


Changes in Care

As time goes by your loved one may require more or less care than originally planned. This is never a problem.

We are very flexible and can re-organize our Caregivers and/or hours of care to meet any new requirements. Should it be necessary for a client to move into residential care, Shylo can offer continued support through private companionship and Added Care services.

We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re suddenly faced with a health crisis in your family and how confusing the health care system can be for those not familiar with it. Let us help you and your loved one make a difficult situation easier for everyone concerned.